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The Nitrogen Company

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Local and national governments across the US and the world are beginning to phase out the use of natural gas, as this energy carrier contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and pollutants indoors. In addition, there are risks associated with pipeline transportation of this flammable fuel in regions where there are earthquakes and other natural disasters such as fires, leading to possible gas explosions and other public safety concerns. However, natural gas is still widely used for heating and cooking, serving approximately 66 million homes and 5 million businesses with a total of 230 million natural gas appliances in use today. The Nitrogen Company uses a plasma flame that operates only on electricity and atmospheric air to replace natural gas burners. These plasma flames can potentially serve as devices that can be retrofitted in the 230 million existing natural gas appliances. They can also serve as a core technology in the advancement of the electrification of many consumer and commercial appliances.

Team Members

Ben Wang (PhD, ME) and PI: Prof. Mark Cappelli (ME)