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Mawa Modular

Team Members: 

Bushra Bataineh (PhD, CEE), Ruth McGee, Leni Peterson (BS, ME), Prof. Raymond Levitt, CEE (PI), and Prof. Rishee Jain (PI)

Mawa Modular (from the Arabic word for shelter) provides a sustainable solution to address the shelter needs of displaced populations and refugees. The solar powered modules are designed to be safe, cost-effective, net-zero energy, and off-grid. The kit-of-parts of panels is easy to assemble, disassemble, expand, and reuse to meet the adapting needs of a displaced community, while minimizing waste and reliance on central infrastructure. Additional applications exist for slum dwellings and low-income communities expanding the potential impact of Mawa significantly.



Learn more: 

Innovation Transfer Spotlight: Providing dignified, sustainable housing to refugees October 2019