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Magno Motors

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Jorge Cordero Headshot. Jorge is smiling at the camera, with short dark brown hair and wearing a light blue collared shirt.
Eduardo Candela Headshot. Eduardo is smiling at the camera with short curly brown hair, wearing a maroon polo and a navy blue blazer.
Picture of Prof. Erica Plambeck, Woman with brown/blonde hair, smiling, wearing glasses




Today, most people in emerging economies can only afford low-quality, contaminating vehicles. This stands in contrast to what market research shows are their preferences: safety and performance are amongst the top considerations when buying a new car, but their choice is limited by their budget constraint. While environmental regulation will foster the transition to EVs by 2030, electrification alone will not change this status quo.

Magno is tackling this problem.

Magno is lowering the cost of premium features in electric vehicles by redesigning EV’s high-end sub-systems, lowering CapEx requirements of production, and reducing time-to-market, making clean and quality transportation compatible with emerging economies’ purchasing power.

Team Members: 

Jorge Cordero (MBA, GSB), Eduardo Candela (PhD, ICL), Prof. Erica Plambeck (GSB)