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Kukua Incubator

Team Members: 

Amy King (BS Earth Systems, MS CEE ), Nick Azpiroz (BS Science, Technology, and Society, MS  ME), Eric Reynolds Brubaker (MS/PhD ME), Prof. Jim Patell, GSB (PI)


Originating in Stanford’s Design for Extreme Affordability course, our team has developed Kukua, an at-home chicken egg incubator that is energy-efficient enough to run on solar power and is designed to interface directly with Off-Grid Electric’s existing home-solar systems in Tanzania. This product allows small-scale Tanzanian chicken farmers to have independence over the hatching process and provides financial stability to their otherwise volatile chicken farming income. As a productive appliance, Kukua can be used to generate a monthly income of about $15 USD for a customer, roughly an additional 12% of household income for a 10-chicken farmer. Our ultimate goal is to have the Kukua incubator be widely available to allow Tanzanians to be more financially secure because they can depend upon their chicken farming as a steady income. Our concept seeks to integrate renewable energy with renewable farming.

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