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Team Members: 

Jennifer Tsau (MS, CEE), Hedi Razavi (PhD, BioEng), Rommy Joyce (MS, EE), Joe Kendall (MS, Product Design),  Andrew Ging, James Ging, and Prof. Ram Rajagopal (CEE)

Keewi is an energy management system targeted towards energy users seeking control over their electricity bills. It will reduce overall electricity consumption by eliminating wasteful standby power. Keewi will also be integral in adapting consumer behavior to a cleaner energy grid and improving the efficiency of the grid overall.

In 2017 Keewi began a partnership with Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. Keewi's software will help the stadium's management team more closely monitor the plug-load data of hundreds of devices in use at the facility, thus helping maintain their status as a net-zero sports arena.

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Learn more:

University of Maryland partners with Keewi to reduce electricity waste June 2018

Download Keewi's Occupant Engagement Case Study


Keewi Alchemist Demo Day 9/29/16 from Ravi Belani on Vimeo.