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Indrio Technologies

Team Members: 

Ritobrata Sur (PostDoc, PhD, ME), Shengkai Wang (PhD, ME), Prof. Ronald K. Hanson (ME)

Indrio has developed a novel and robust laser-absorption-based sensor for monitoring chemicals at high temperatures and pressures. This sensor can be used to detect and measure combustion products and intermediates, such as NOx, ammonia, and CO, as well as many hazardous chemicals, such as aromatics (BTEX) and aldehydes, for which no portable sensors currently exist. In addition to industrial processes, Indrio’s sensors will be deployable in transportation systems, where they will be able to instantaneously detect levels of various combustion products for pollutant-emission reduction and engine-performance enhancement. Apart from its very compact, energy-efficient design, Indrio’s sensor is orders of magnitude faster than existing products and can provide real-time monitoring of a broad range of processes and systems.

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