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Team Members: 

Arnav Mariwala, (BS Phys, MS GeoPhys) Ian Bick (MS CEE), and Adrian Santiago Tate (PhD GeoPhys), Professor Jenny Suckale (GeoPhys)

HighTide quantifies the financial and socioeconomic impacts of climate-driven natural disasters to generate actionable information on asset climate risk. By synthesizing disparate hazard, exposure, and vulnerability datasets into a probabilistic risk analysis model, and using artificial intelligence to determine variables that most affect an asset’s risk, HighTide is able to clearly indicate what risks a given area faces - allowing for more precise implementation of risk mitigation measures. Currently focused on coastal flooding risk to real estate, our approach is designed to be high-resolution, modular and scalable, and in the future is deployable across different hazards, geographies and asset types. By indicating what assets are at risk and how to mitigate them, we enable lenders, insurers, reinsurers, and asset owners to implement resilience measures in their portfolios and plan for the impacts of climate change.