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Healyx is developing a portable, low cost solar and battery-powered Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) device for deployment in developing economies. This highly effective therapy accelerates the healing time for traumatic and chronic wounds, both relieving over-packed hospitals and economically benefiting patients and their families. By developing an integrated solar power source into their device, Healyx has created a distributed self-powering healthcare appliance that is independent of the electric grid. Current devices offering this treatment have exorbitant hardware costs and energy requirements that make them unavailable to large populations of people in remote regions or where grid power is inconsistent or non-existent.

Team Members

Cameron Hutton (MS, ME), Madeline Sides (MS, ME), Matias Rivera (MBA), Cassie Ludwig (School of Medicine), Tiffany Kung (School of Medicine) and Prof. David Beach (ME)

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