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Gemini Energy Solutions

Team Members: 

Anthony Kinslow (PhD, CE), Johnny Mazraani, Prof. Martin Fischer (CEE)

Gemini plans to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) achieve substantial energy savings related to the buildings they occupy by providing SMBs with detailed recommendations for energy-intensive retrofits and equipment. There are presently over six million commercial buildings in the United States with the building stock increasing every year by over a hundred thousand, and energy-efficiency investments in commercial buildings have the potential to save companies hundreds of billions of dollars. Gemini will help the commercial sector meet this goal by developing systems that allow for rapid, semi-automated, high quality energy audits and by automatically identifying energy policies and incentives relevant to specific SMBs. Gemini will also manage the implementation of comprehensive energy-savings programs for these buildings and provide ongoing monitoring of the SMBs’ energy consumption levels. Their first field trials will be at the Tri Valley Ice Skating Rink in Livermore, CA, which will provide Gemini a test case for reducing the overhead costs faced by an energy-intensive small business.