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Team Members: 

Maya Ambady (BA Hum Bio), Kaitlyn Olah, (BS Product Design, MS ME),    Quint Underwood (MS EE), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (MBA GSB), Prof. Jim Patell, GSB (PI)

Ice sellers in rural Filipino fishing communities live on less than $4 a day, leaving them with little extra capital to use for unexpected costs and losses. They need a low-cost and energy efficient way to store surplus ice in order to overcome the variability of ice demand. The Frost.d unit provides ice sellers with a reliable, energy efficient way to store ice. Designed to maintain, rather than create cooling, the Frost.d unit runs at a higher temperature, uses 80% less power, and is designed to reduce convective heat loss by 75% compared to a conventional freezer. We estimate that this will increase earnings by $160-$315 annually and contribute to a 50-100% increase in the profits over a nine month period.