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Team Members: 

Maya Ambady (BA Hum Bio), Kaitlyn Olah, (BS Product Design, MS ME), Quint Underwood (MS EE), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (MBA GSB), and PI: Prof. Jim Patell, (GSB)

Ice sellers in rural Filipino fishing communities live on less than $4 a day, leaving them with little extra capital to use for unexpected costs and losses. They need a low-cost and energy efficient way to store surplus ice in order to overcome the variability of ice demand. The Frost.d unit provides ice sellers with a reliable, energy efficient way to store ice. Designed to maintain, rather than create cooling, the Frost.d unit runs at a higher temperature, uses 80% less power, and is designed to reduce convective heat loss by 75% compared to a conventional freezer. We estimate that this will increase earnings by $160-$315 annually and contribute to a 50-100% increase in the profits over a nine month period.