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Team Members: 

Jayce Hafner (MBA, MS E-IPER), Sami Tellatin (MBA, MS E-IPER),  and PI: Prof. Rebecca Lester (GSB)

FarmRaise unlocks funding for sustainable agriculture, helping farmers access grants and loans to support on-farm conservation, CO2 mitigation practices (such as cover cropping, more efficient energy systems, and livestock integration), and operational improvements that make farms and ranches more sustainable and profitable. Our platform shows farmers the programs for which they’re eligible and streamlines complicated federal and state grant paperwork into a single, jargon-free application. FarmRaise is tapping a $425B+ market opportunity and offering a platform that both explains funding logistics and eliminates time-consuming paperwork, a solution that does not currently exist for growers.  We aim to be the primary pathway to unlock farm funding for sustainable agriculture transitions through a simple, common application that is based on sophisticated automation and natural language processing.

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