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ClearFlame Engines

Team Members: 

Julie Blumreiter (PhD, ME), Bernard Johnson (PhD, ME), Prof. Chris Edwards (ME)

ClearFlame is developing drop-in diesel-engine-replacement technology that enables heavy duty engines used for transportation and distributed power generation to achieve higher efficiency, higher performance, and cleaner emissions. This technology allows for the substitution of carbon-neutral renewable liquid fuels in place of diesel. With the potential to displace fossil fuels in heavy duty engines, ClearFlame hopes to realize significant CO2 mitigation. Additionally, ClearFlame’s innovative engine-enhancement technology provides better upstream emissions-limiting aftertreatment as well as improved fuel-cost savings downstream for the consumer. The ClearFlame team intends to use its Innovation Transfer Grant to test and validate key technical components surrounding the fuel injection system, to quantify the environmental and air quality benefits of deploying the technology, and to identify initial entry markets in niche distributed power applications.

Learn more:

ClearFlame recognized as a 2019 Strauble Leadership Award Winner October 2019

ClearFlame accepted into Argonne Nat'l Lab's Chain Reaction Innovations Program April 2017

Former nat'l swim team member BJ Johnson now working on cleaner-burning diesel engine February 2017