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Antora Energy

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Inexpensive, long-duration energy storage is necessary to enable the widespread deployment of renewable energy sources like wind and solar, but existing technologies fall short. To meet this need, we are combining high-temperature thermal energy storage with novel, high-efficiency thermophotovoltaic energy conversion. When excess electricity is available – for example, at mid-day in electric power systems with high solar penetration – a resistive element is used to heat an inexpensive thermal storage medium contained in a large, insulated tank. When power is needed, photovoltaic cells are exposed to the thermal radiation emanating from an emitter in contact with the hot storage medium, generating electricity. This inexpensive, long-duration energy storage technology will enable global adoption of renewable energy, and thus help eliminate gigatons of CO2 emissions annually.

Antora Energy is electrifying heavy industry with zero-carbon heat and power. We make it possible and profitable to fully rely on renewable energy for industrial processes. Antora's thermal energy storage soaks up excess solar and wind electricity and uses it to heat blocks of carbon, which causes them to glow similar to the inside of a toaster. This thermal energy is then delivered to customers on demand as electricity or industrial process heat at temperatures of up to 1500 Celsius. Antora Energy turns sunshine and wind into 24/7 heat and power, cheaper than fossil fuels. 

Team Members

Justin Briggs (PhD, AP), Andrew Ponec (BS, EE), Prof. Jen Dionne MSE (co-PI), Prof. Bill Dally EE(co-PI)

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