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Feon Energy, Inc.

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Feon Energy, Inc. is a Stanford University spin out that is bringing to market new technology to electrify the world with high-energy-density lithium batteries.  Our novel liquid electrolyte technology will usher in a new generation of batteries which simultaneously possess cost effectiveness (20% cheaper than lithium-ion batteries), scalability (compatible with current mass-produced cells), high energy density (double of lithium-ion), long cycle life (similar to best lithium-ion), and safety (less chance to catch fire).  We are well funded to achieve our next milestones and are backed by reputable VCs, Stanford TomKat Innovation Transfer Grant, and Stanford OTL High Impact Technology (HIT) Fund.  Our company is located in Woburn Massachusetts, and has attracted attention from the battery community including top-tier consumer electronics and motor companies. We are seeking passionate and diverse battery engineers to bring this technology to market at lightning speed.


Team Members

Zhiao Yu (PhD, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering); Wenxiao Huang (Postdoc, Materials Science and Engineering); Zhenan Bao (Professor, Chemical Engineering)