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Artyc team members. Mark Langer on left and Hannah Sieber on right.

Artyc is tackling the massive cold chain logistics industry, a $248.4 B market that is expected to double in the next 5 years. Bolstered by growth in biopharma products, vaccine distribution, and demand for fresh produce, cold chain logistics is an emissions-intensive industry with gargantuan energy needs. The 2021 IPCC reports project 160 gigatons of CO2 equivalent emissions from food waste & refrigerant use alone. Globally, 17% of food and 1-2% of medical products spoil along the value chain compounding the environmental impact of the lost product. Artyc offers customers a sustainable, cost-comparable, high-quality alternative to the industry standard.

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Team Members

Hannah Sieber (MBA, GSB), Mark Langer, and PI: Prof. Hau Lee (GSB)