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12 Tides

Team Members: 

Team: Pat Schnettler (MBA), and PI: Prof. Harikesh Nair (GSB)

Seaweed is a unique resource as a nutrient-dense food for humans as well as an actively regenerative asset for our oceans. The potential of seaweed has not been realized due to the inability of the industry to find profitable applications and scale in a sustainable manner (except in very limited geographies; Japan, for example). We aim to develop high-value consumer product applications for seaweed that will help drive the industry forward. In the long term, we hope to build a company that betters the relationship between people and the ocean through food. The sustainability benefits of this endeavor are self-evident due to the regenerative nature of the crop and its tremendously beneficial impact on coastal ecosystems. In addition, there is a potentially huge savings in energy that is inherent in conventional agriculture, especially as it applies to fertilizers, pesticides, land preparation and other factors.

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