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Innovation Transfer Grants

Funding Year Name Description Team Members
2020 Fall Empowered Homes Using technology and data, Enpowered Homes will help South Africans gain access to alternative energy sources and provide a great customer service experience through our one-stop-shop solution.

Zweli Mfundisi (MBA, GSB), Thebe Tsatsimpe (Harvard) and Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (PI, GSB)

2020 Spr Distribute Capital Distribute Capital is a new kind of direct-to-investor, direct-to-project sustainable infrastructure investment fund.

Adrien Duroc-Danner (JD, Law & MS, E-IPER), Rob Auger (GSB), Juliana Lu-Yang (ChemE BS), and PI: Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (GSB)

2018 Spr XFlow XFlow Energy is developing robust, inexpensive, and efficient vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) technologies focused on reducing the cost of wind energy generation.

Ian Brownstein (PhD, ME), Ben Strom (PhD, University of Washington), and PI: Prof. John Dabiri, (CEE & ME)

2018 Spr Weave Grid Weave Grid brings together utility, automotive and driver data to remotely optimize and control electric vehicle charging, thus addressing grid integration challenges from EV adoption and enabling a faster transition to electric transportation.

Apoorv Bhargava (MS E-IPER; MBA, GSB), John Taggart (PhD, MS&E), Prof. James Sweeney (MS&E)

2017 Fall Fervo Energy Fervo Energy is a geothermal energy company founded to leverage recent innovations from the oil and gas industry to dramatically lower the cost and expand the resource base of geothermal energy.

Tim Latimer (MBA, MS-EIPER), Ankush Singh (PhD Geophysics), Ahinoam Pollack (PhD Energy Resources Engineering), Prof. Tapan Mukerji, ERE (PI)

2017 Spr ClimateAI ClimateAI has developed a cloud based enterprise software platform for existing (or planned) energy generation assets (including hydropower plants) which will enable stakeholders to undertake precise evaluations of climate change related impacts.

Himanshu Gupta (MBA, MS E-IPER), Max Cody Evans (MBA, MS E-IPER), Prof. Hau Lee (GSB) 

2017 Spr SalCell SalCell proposes a scale-up and commercialization of the mixing entropy battery (MEB) to be used as an electrical generator run by saltwater.

Jianqiao Xu (Eng, CEE), Kristian Dubrawski (PostDoc, CEE), Prof. Yi Cui (MSE), Prof. Craig Criddle (CEE)

2016 Fall Indrio Technologies Laser sensor for monitoring chemicals at high temperatures and pressures in order to enhance engine performance and reduce emissions

Ritobrata Sur (PostDoc, PhD, ME), Shengkai Wang (PhD, ME), Prof. Ronald K. Hanson (ME)

2016 Fall ClearFlame Engines Diesel-engine-replacement technology that allows for greater efficiency, higher performance, and cleaner emissions

Julie Blumreiter (PhD, ME), Bernard Johnson (PhD, ME), Prof. Chris Edwards (ME)

2016 Spr donut Optimization model that integrates clean energy technologies in the design of microgrids

Brock Taute (MS, CEE), Dan Sambor (MS, CEE), Miles Evans (MS, CEE), Prof. Gil Masters (CEE)

2016 Spr SHYFT Power Solutions Software platform that provides data-driven design of residential grid-assisted energy systems

Cole Stites-Clayton (MS, CEE), Ugwem Eneyo (PhD, CEE), Prof. Gil Masters (CEE)

2015 Fall Tandem PV Mechanically-stacked perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells

Colin Bailie (PhD, MSE), William Nguyen (PhD, Chemistry) and Prof. Michael McGehee (MSE)

2015 Spr Cuberg Cuberg - Ultra-lightweight next-generation lithium metal batteries

Mauro Pasta (Post Doc, MSE), Richard Wang (PhD, MSE) and Prof. Yi Cui (MSE)

2015 Spr Humblade Miniature ultrasound sensor system for structural monitoring applications

Alex Guo (Post Doc, PhD, EE), Kevin Zheng (PhD, EE), and Prof. Boris Murmann (EE)

2015 Spr Spark Thermionics A novel thermionic energy converter (TEC) based on a microfabricated architecture

Dan Riley (PhD, Phys), Jared Schwede (PhD, Phys), Nandita Bhaskhar (PhD, EE), and Prof. Roger Howe (EE)

2014 Fall Opus 12 Turning CO2 into fuels and chemicals

Kendra Kuhl (PhD ChemE/SLAC), Etosha Cave (PhD, ME), Nicholas Flanders (MBA/MS E-IPER), and Prof. Tom Jaramillo (ChemE)

2014 Spr Citrine Informatics Big Data / Analytics applied to Sustainable Materials Discovery and Development

Bryce Meredig (MBA, GSB), Greg Mulholland (MBA, GSB) Dr. Kyle Michel and Prof. Jens Norskov (ChemE)

2013 Fall NGEN Technologies Energy generating waste water treatment system

Yaniv Scherson (Postdoc, CEE) and Prof. Craig Criddle (CEE)

2013 Fall Aurora Integrated cloud based PV design software

Samuel Adeyemo (MBA, MS E-IPER), Chris Hopper (MBA), Al Karim Lalani (BA, MS, MS&E), Meseker Yohannes (MS, CS), Tomas Tinoco du Rubira (PhD, EE), Haley Sims (BS, Engineering), and Prof. Gil Masters (CEE)

2013 Fall Dragonfly Systems Novel electronics for reducing PV installation cost

Eric Mansfield (MS, MatSci), Andrew Ponec (BS, MatSci), Daniel Maren (BS, CS), Darren Hau (BS, EE), and Prof. Bill Dally (CS).