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Innovation Transfer Grants

Funding Year Name Description Team Members
2020 Spr Renewell Energy Renewell's technology will deploy gravity-based energy storage at a very low cost.

Kemp Gregory (MS, CEE), Stefan Streckfus (MS, CEE), Yuval Tamir (MSx, GSB), Berk Manav (MS, CEE), Walker Colt (Rice, MBA), and PI: Prof. Sally Benson (ERE)

2020 Spr FarmRaise FarmRaise unlocks funding for sustainable agriculture, helping farmers access grants and loans to support on-farm conservation, CO2 mitigation practices, and operational improvements that make farms and ranches more sustainable and profitable.

Jayce Hafner (MBA, MS E-IPER), Sami Tellatin (MBA, MS E-IPER),  and PI: Prof. Rebecca Lester (GSB)

2020 Spr Greency Greency is a gamified social impact app with an automatic carbon footprint tracker and educational components for a sustainable lifestyle.

Ilmir Nasretdinov (MSx, GSB), Hanna Shuvalova (MSx, GSB), and PI: Prof. Saumitra Jha (GSB)

2020 Spr Carbon Down Carbon Down is a mobile climate action platform empowering users to have a scalable impact on climate change.

Leif Gonzales-Kramer (M.S. Earth Systems), Ian Arko (B.S. Electrical Engineering), PI: Prof. Marshall Burke (Earth System Science)

2020 Spr Archive Archive is developing a circular economy marketplace that will bring clothing buyers, sellers, and fashion brands together on one platform.

Emily Gittins (MBA, GSB; MS Environment and Resources), Harry Emeric (MS, Statistics), Arafat Mohammed (BS, Computer Science and Global studies), Zoe Mhungu (BS, Biomedical Engineering and Management) and Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (GSB)

2020 Spr Federato Federato aims to help insurance underwriters distribute future risks and identify investments critical in achieving a sustainable future.

Will Ross (MBA, GSB), William Steenbergen (MS, ICME), and PI: Prof. Seungjin Whang (GSB)

2019 Fall AgAi AgAi enables anyone in the field to collect information by using computer vision and a smartphone based camera.

Edward Silva (MBA/MS, GSB E-IPER) and PI: Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (GSB)

2019 Fall Yocto An all-optical, label-free platform to detect contaminants in food, water, and soil.

Amr Saleh (Postdoc, MSE) and PI: Prof. Jen Dionne (MSE)

2019 Spr PeroPure PeroPure has developed a portable, electrochemical hydrogen peroxide generating water purification device with the goal of deploying it in the developing world as a reliable and scalable solution for low-cost, clean energy water purification.

Zhihua Chen (PhD Chemistry), Shucheng Chen (PhD Chem E), Fan Yang (PhD AA, University of Illinois), and PI: Prof. Tom Jaramillo (ChemE)

2019 Spr ReSource ReSource’s goal is to produce economically competitive commodity plastics using CO2 as the carbon source. The team has invented a chemical technology to produce FDCA from waste biomass and CO2 that enables drastic cost and GHG reduction.

Aanindeeta Banerjee (PhD, Post doc, Chem), Amy Frankhouser (PhD, Chem), and PI: Prof. Matthew Kanan (Chem)

2019 Spr Suryodaya Suryodaya developed and are deploying a new high-performance and affordable solar drying system for chili farmers in India. Their goal is to pilot a drying-as-a-service busines

Michael Machala (PhD MSE, Post Doc ERE), Andrey Poletayev (PhD MSE), Frederick Tan (BS ME), Rushil Prakash (MBA GSB, MS E-IPER), and PI: Prof. Sally Benson (ERE)

2019 Spr LaderaTech LaderaTech's goal is to adapt, optimize and deploy biomimetic and environmentally-benign fire retardant mobilization agent(s), enabling preventative treatments on landscapes at high risk fire areas.

Anthony C. Yu (PhD MSE). Jesse Acosta, and PI: Prof. Eric Appel (MSE)

2019 Spr Nitricity Nitricity is developing a device that produces carbon-free, low-cost ammonia using a novel metal-cycling process.

Joshua McEnaney (Post Doc, Chem E), Nico Pinkowski (PhD, ME), Brian Rohr (PhD Chem E), and  PI: Prof. Thomas Jaramillo (ChemE)

2019 Spr WindBorne Systems WindBorne is developing balloons which fly 60 times longer than usual and fill gaps underserved by existing atmospheric data tech.

Paige Brown (BS MSE), Kai Marshland (MS MS&E) John Dean (MS EE),  Andrey Sushko, and PI: Prof. John Pauly (EE)

2019 Spr 12 Tides 12 Tides aim to develop high-value consumer product applications for seaweed that will help drive the industry forward.

Team: Pat Schnettler (MBA), and PI: Prof. Harikesh Nair (GSB)

2019 Spr HighTide HighTide quantifies the financial and socioeconomic impacts of climate-driven natural disasters to generate actionable information on asset climate risk.

Arnav Mariwala, (BS Phys, MS GeoPhys) Ian Bick (MS CEE), and Adrian Santiago Tate (PhD GeoPhys), Professor Jenny Suckale (GeoPhys)

2019 Spr ReGen Partners ReGen proposes to collect seed from the remaining wild groves of the Moringa peregrina tree, start a domestication program in Baja, Mexico, and be the first to produce it at commercial scale in 1400 years.

Neal Spackman(MSx) and PI: Prof. Hau Lee (GSB)

2018 Fall Frost.d The Frost.d unit provides ice sellers with a reliable, energy efficient way to store ice.

Maya Ambady (BA Hum Bio), Kaitlyn Olah, (BS Product Design, MS ME), Quint Underwood (MS EE), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (MBA GSB), and PI: Prof. Jim Patell, (GSB)

2017 Fall FullMoon FullMoon has built a chemical sensor that is selective to chemicals of interest (especially methane), capable of detecting different gases, while simultaneously being inexpensive and not requiring a lot of energy to power.

Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Gross (postdoc, BioE), Dr. Ehsan Sadeghipour (postdoc, BioE), Prof. Tom Kenny, ME (PI) and Prof. Tom Jaramillo, ChemE (co-PI)

2017 Fall Kukua Labs Kukua is an at-home chicken egg incubator that is energy-efficient enough to run on solar power and is designed to interface directly with Off-Grid Electric’s existing home-solar systems in Tanzania.

Amy King (BS Earth Systems, MS CEE ), Nick Azpiroz (BS Science, Technology, and Society, MS  ME), Eric Reynolds Brubaker (MS/PhD ME), Prof. Jim Patell, GSB (PI)

2017 Fall ScrapWorks ScrapWorks is a service that can dramatically reduce the food waste from industrial kitchens caused by faulty or non-existent demand forecasting.

Sonia Baltodano (PhD, ME), Prof. David Beach, ME (PI)

2017 Spr SalCell SalCell proposes a scale-up and commercialization of the mixing entropy battery (MEB) to be used as an electrical generator run by saltwater.

Jianqiao Xu (Eng, CEE), Kristian Dubrawski (PostDoc, CEE), Prof. Yi Cui (MSE), Prof. Craig Criddle (CEE)

2016 Fall Indrio Technologies Laser sensor for monitoring chemicals at high temperatures and pressures in order to enhance engine performance and reduce emissions

Ritobrata Sur (PostDoc, PhD, ME), Shengkai Wang (PhD, ME), Prof. Ronald K. Hanson (ME)

2016 Fall Airity Technologies Airity Technologies develop novel and proprietary circuit topologies that allow for extremely small and power dense high voltage sources.

Luke Raymond (PhD EE), Wei Liang (PhD EE), Johan Andreasson (Post Doc BioTechnology, PhD Physics) and Prof. Juan Rivas-Davila (EE)

2016 Fall Mendo A pocket-sized, battery-powered device used in the detection of microorganisms causing food spoilage

Nate Cira (PhD, Bioengineering), Morgan Paull (PhD, Bioengineering), Jason Khoo (BS, Human Biology), Dr. Adam White, Prof. Steve Quake (Bioengineering)