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XFlow Energy

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Positions: Engineering Associate
Location: Seattle, WA and/or Spanish Fork, UT
Innovation Area: Generation and Conversion
Position Type: TomKat Center-supported
Compensation: $7,500
Internship Term: 8 weeks

Apply Here

XFlow Energy is a wind energy startup focusing on reducing the cost of energy generation from wind. XFlow brings innovations from Stanford and the University of Washington to solve historical issues with vertical-axis turbines, unlocking their potential to generate energy at the lowest cost of any wind technology. In-house prototype construction, testing, and simulation is used to ensure turbine robustness, manufacturability, and optimal real-world performance.


Assist in performing turbine testing operations in the lab and/ or field. Tasks will include system debugging, setting up instrumentation, recording and analyzing data, and writing reports.

Assist in engineering simulations and calculations, including structural finite element analysis, aeroelastic modeling, and/ or electrical system design.

Asist in manufacturing tasks, including operating a CNC router, manual mill, and manual lathe.

Who Should Apply

Self-motivated problem solvers interested in contributing to developing an exciting new renewable energy technology.

Required Expertise

  • Fluent in MATALB
  • Fluent in Solidworks
  • Hands-on shop or fieldwork experience

Preferred Skills/Majors

  • Engineering or related major
  • Fluent in C
  • Experience with CNC machines, including CAM (HSMWorks preferred)
  • Experience in finite element analysis (Solidworks preferred)
  • Experience in electrical system design