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Working Trees

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Positions: Software Engineer Intern
Location: Stanford, CA (Working remotely)
Innovation Area: Energy, Food, and Water Nexus; Environment and Health
Position Type: TomKat Center-supported
Compensation: $7,500
Internship Term: 8 weeks

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🌳  Working Trees gets farmers paid for growing trees. This is possible thanks to our phone application, which rips the cost out of carbon project verification. Our goal is to democratize access to carbon markets for farms of any size.

Trees on agricultural land (a practice called agroforestry) is amongst the largest climate solutions we have, typically sized on-par with rooftop solar (see reports from IPCC and Project Drawdown).

We have launched the first agroforestry carbon project in the US, raised >1.5m of non-dillutive funding, and partnered with organizations such as Stanford, The Nature Conservancy, The Organic Valley Cooperative, Cisco, and Virginia Tech to advance agroforestry adoption.

We are seeking a software engineer intern to join our small team to advance our computer vision, augmented reality, and systems integration capabilities. We seek individuals who are deeply passionate about using their skills to addressing the climate crisis. This is an opportunity to play a foundational technical role at a growing climate tech startup and make a significant positive contribution toward addressing climate change.


  1. 💻 Web Development - Develop tools such as web dashboards and web maps to improve the Working Trees Website.
  2. 👀 Computer Vision / AR / VR development - Contribute to the development of the Working Trees AR / VR stack by prototyping, testing, and deploying new algorithms, image processing pipelines, and storage architectures.
  3. 🟨  Product development - Create wireframes, user stories, control flow for phone application, and perform testing, troubleshooting, and analytics on application and website.


  • Current Stanford undergrad student
  • Interest in climate tech, agriculture, forestry, energy
  • Quick learner, comfortable with fast paced environment