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Positions: Product Designer / Engineer / Maker
Location: San Francisco, CA
Innovation Area: Built Environment and Infrastructure
Position Type: TomKat Center-supported
Compensation: $7,500
Internship Term: 8 weeks

Apply Here

The team at Stylo is developing a new type of display for small businesses aimed at eliminating the waste of paper signage and dramatically reducing the energy footprint of digital displays. In short, it is a self-drawing board that allows a store owner to generate custom, high fidelity graphics to communicate with their customers with the push of a button. Check out more at

We are a very small team currently working out of a larger R&D firm in San Francisco, so though we may be small and scrappy, we have a large set of tools and brains at our disposal.


The responsibilities will vary depending on your background and what you are interested in contributing. You can expect to spend part of your time focused on owning one part of the product, like a collection of mechanisms or code packages, and part of your time helping solve the miscellaneous challenges that face a growing startup.

Who Should Apply

Ever dreamed of building your own product? Looking to get experience in what it takes to build a start-up from the ground up? Love the excitement of learning something new every day?

We are accepting candidates with a wide range of backgrounds (ME/PD/EE/CS/MBA) that are looking to get their hands dirty (mostly metaphorically…) and have a desire to learn about what it takes to build a hardware product.

We are looking for someone that is ready to jump into a very dynamic development process and help craft the future of this device as we work towards getting a product to market. You might be:

  • A Product Design Intern who wants to help distill customer interviews into actionable product features.
  • An Electrical Engineering Intern who wants to take a design from a breadboard to a PCB with some custom firmware.
  • A Mechanical Engineering Intern who wants to take a mechanism from concept through to manufacturing release.
  • A Computer Science Intern who wants to build the first prototype of an iOS app.
  • An MBA Intern who wants to craft a strategic financial plan and revise the revenue model for Stylo.

You’ll be working directly with Jack, the Founder, but will be expected to tackle ambiguous projects with a fair amount of autonomy.

Required Expertise

Show us that you have experience making something. If you’re an ME student, maybe this is something you machined in the PRL. If you’re a CS major, maybe you’ve built an app before. Or if you’re an MBA, perhaps you’ve started a company.

What have you created that didn’t exist before?

Preferred Skills/Majors

  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Business