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Renewell Energy

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Positions: Research and Development Lead/Engineer
Location: Remote.  The team you are working with will be in the bay area, LA, and Texas.  The field test is in Lost Hills, CA (1hr north of Bakersfield), so depending on project selection, trips to Lost Hills may be involved.
Innovation Area: Storage
Position Type: TomKat Center-supported
Compensation: $7,500
Internship Term: 8 weeks

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Renewell Energy is building the lowest cost, highest GHG abating, most flexible energy storage technology on the market. The most capital efficient way to build the energy storage needed in California and the US is by repurposing the millions of oil & gas wells spread throughout the nation. The EPA estimates there are 2.15 million wells that have not produced oil or gas in years and remain unplugged, many of which are leaking methane into the atmosphere, emitting pollutants locally, or both. Renewell will convert these idle wells into gravity-based mechatronic energy conversion system.


  • Lead projects to develop subsystems or promote the viability of Renewell’s energy storage device. 
  • Develop strategic solutions to help team achieve performance targets
  • Coordinate and communicate work with the rest of the Renewell team
  • Research and literature reviews of the project’s subject area as needed
  • Example projects include
    • Development of IoT controls systems to operate distributed energy storage devices collectively. System must be responsive and flexible, allowing access to a wide array of energy storage revenue streams.
    • Determine total scope of equipment and services needed to execute remotely controlled operations.
    • Source, assess, buy, analyze, and report on raw data for refining market sizing estimates.
    • Create and execute strategy to promote the development of fair legislation/regulations for Renewell’s installations in key target markets.  Current regulations were not developed with the potential for energy storage in these wells in mind.
    • Assess the benefits an oilfield energy storage concept will bring to the oil -> renewable workforce transition. 
  • Learn, create work you are proud of, and have fun

Who Should Apply

Any students passionate about creating meaningful impact and prepared to take on a high level of responsibility.

Required Expertise

Engineering, sciences, software development, legal or political science backgrounds

Preferred Skills/Majors

Computer science, IoT system design/integration, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, experience with PLCs, controls, or sensing would be great to have.