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Positions: R&D engineer: Assay, biochemistry, or optics positions available
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Innovation Area: Energy, Food, and Water Nexus; Energy Management and Efficiency
Position Type: TomKat Center-supported
Compensation: $7500 
Internship Term: 8 weeks

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We are enabling life-speed reads of biological ‘bits’. We’re merging the power of computing and silicon photonics with state-of-the-art biochemistry for high-resolution phenotyping.  Genotyping has revolutionized how we diagnose and treat disease – but it’s only part of the solution. Phenotyping - characterizing the breadth and dynamics of proteins - is critical to address many of the biggest challenges for personal, population, and ecosystem health. 

Rather than relying on sample amplification or fluorescent tags, we amplify light - and how light interacts in unique ways with each biomarker. Our method provides high resolution and quantitative insight into proteins, including their sequence, structure, and interactions. We strive to enable proactive solutions, rather than reactive and crisis-based approaches – informing when to start treatment, which therapy is best, and how to design new therapies.

We are seeking highly motivated individuals who thrive in a fast-paced, creative, and interdisciplinary environment. You will become part of an innovative and diverse team of chemists, physicists, materials scientists and data scientists with expertise spanning quantitative biology, nanoscience, photonics, and machine learning. Our ‘out-of-the-box’ approach allows us to tackle some of the most challenging, yet rewarding, problems in biology, medicine, and clinical care.


  • prepare chips for analysis of proteins and metabolites 
  • collect optical spectra of biomarkers and catalog their spectra 
  • develop software algorithms/pipelines for data analytics and ML
  • advance the design of our compact optical setup for chip-based biomolecule spectroscopy 
  • establish workflows for real-world sample handling (samples range from animal plasma/serum to environmental samples like ocean/river water)

Who Should Apply

We welcome applicants at any stage in their career who are passionate about health and environmental sustainability, enthusiastic to work on a multidisciplinary project and team, and eager to learn new skills. The intern will be joining a small but vibrant team and will have the opportunity to help define the company culture. 

Required Expertise

  • Familiarity with optical spectroscopy and microscopy
  • Familiarity with Matlab or Python
  • Familiarity with basic biochemistry a plus, but not required 

Preferred Skills/Majors

We welcome any STEM major. Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Biophysics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering would provide a good foundation.