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Halo Industries

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Positions: Intern Engineer
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Innovation Area: Generation and Conversion
Position Type: TomKat- supported; Industry-supported
Compensation: $25 per hour or more depending on experience and education
Internship Term: 10 to 12 weeks (longer term also available) but flexible on exact dates

Apply Here

Halo Industries is a spin-out from the Nanoscale Prototyping Lab at Stanford that focuses on dramatically reducing the cost of materials for solar, semiconductor, LED, battery and power electronics applications.  We’re developing factory production line tools for multiple customers based on technology initially conceived and demonstrated at Stanford.  We’re funded by both private investors/customers as well as multiple federal and state awards.


You will assist in the design, development and testing of automated production line tools that fabricate materials for the solar and power electronics industries.  A range of engineering projects that touch on every aspect of manufacturing development and R&D are available based on interest and skill set fit.

Who Should Apply

Anyone with a passion for making a lasting impact in climate tech by improving the way products are manufactured and who thrives on understanding and optimizing the details of an engineering process should apply.

Required Expertise

There is no hard requirement for specific expertise because we can rapidly train you to work on almost any available project.  A general engineering background plus the ability to rationally gather, process, and understand engineering datasets as well as use the information to improve a process would be the important, necessary skills.

Preferred Skills/Majors

Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, other engineering/physics/science majors with interest and relevant skills are encouraged as well