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Marain Internship

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Positions: Research Intern - Machine Learning and Optimization
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Innovation Area: Energy Efficiency
Position Type: Industry-supported
Compensation: $4,000/month
Internship Term: 8 weeks

Marain Inc. ( is a mobility software company based in Palo Alto, California with its origins in Stanford’s Autonomous Systems Lab. The company develops software to provide planning, analysis, simulation, and in-the-loop real-time electricity optimization capabilities for operators of electric automated mobility on demand (EAMoD) fleets. Delivered electricity service will become a dominant, volatile, complex and location-specific cost for operators of these fleets. Marain uses state-of-the-art predictive models to help fleet operators minimize these costs by making decisions at multiple timescales. Marain also helps other stakeholders such as charging infrastructure providers, utilities and cities explore load growth, usage patterns, pricing strategies and policy design. Marain’s team includes pioneers in the field of EAMoD control and optimization from Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Technical University Munich and ETH Zurich.


During your internship you will take ownership of a number of projects evaluating combinations of ML and optimization techniques under the guidance of a mentor.  As Marain’s ML and Optimization Research Intern, you'll learn more about Marain’s simulation and real-time control software and how it is being used by a variety of customers and partners. You will work directly with our senior engineers and advisors to develop and implement algorithms that optimally control EAMoD fleets operating in virtual transportation system environments.

Who Should Apply

We are looking for interns who are excited to contribute to an emerging revolution in urban mobility and electricity systems. You are highly curious about the state of the art in ML and optimization techniques and are itching to apply these in customer facing systems with the opportunity for global impact. You are an excellent, tenacious problem solver who is highly collaborative and eager to learn. Your plan A is to join a high energy, fast-paced startup environment like Marain when you graduate.

Required Expertise

You'll need to:

  • Be highly proficient in applied math, statistics, and optimization (algorithms and theory)
  • Be familiar with a range of applied predictive modeling techniques (e.g., from ML, statistics, econometrics).
  • Have work experience or have completed course projects investigating the performance of optimization algorithms
  • Have scientific programming experience in Python and Java

Preferred Skills/Majors

  • Be working towards a degree in Computer Science, Applied Math, CEE, Aero/Astro, Atmosphere/Energy
  • Have some experience with large geospatial data sets
  • Have some experience working with models of transportation systems
  • Have some experience working with electric vehicle and or EV charging systems design, modeling, operation or analysis
  • Have some understanding of techniques for optimization under uncertainty
  • Knowledge of basic economic and financial models