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Nitricity, Inc.

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Positions: Field Operations Engineer
Location: San Francisco, CA
Innovation Area: Energy, Food, Water, Human Health and Environment Nexus
Position Type: TomKat Center-supported
Compensation: $7,500
Internship Term: 8 weeks

Apply Here

Nitricity was founded in 2018 with the objective of decarbonizing the $70B nitrogen fertilizer industry. Today, nitrogen fertilizer is produced using coal- or natural-gas-fueled factories 100s to 1000s of miles away from farms that need the fertilizer. The current process accounts for 5% of global natural gas consumption and must be reengineered in the upcoming decade.

Nitricity takes a different approach. We have developed a product that fits adjacent to, or underneath, on-farm solar and converts air, water, and renewable electricity into fertilizer directly where it is needed. Our product is at the intersection of solar and agriculture and we have recently closed our seed fundraising round to bring what we believe to be a transformative product to market. We work with large system and are piloting on a 25-acre this upcoming summer.


We are seeking an ambitious intern that is comfortable bringing system designs from the white board, to simulation, to a reliable and well-tuned assembly. This internship will involve a hands-on, on-farm component where you can help install and rapidly iterate on our on-farm solar-fertilizer systems.

Who Should Apply

Should be comfortable with the engineering design process, hands on builds (such as soldering, mechanical assembly, or chemicals handling), and lifting a 400W solar module to waist height (~40 lbs).

Required Expertise

Design experience ideal. Some Python (and Django) experience preferred as well.

Preferred Skills/Majors

Mechanical, Electrical, or Chemical Engineering