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Natron Energy

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Positions: Battery Engineering Intern; Data Engineering Intern / Data Analysis Intern
Location: Santa Clara, CA (Data Engineer has Remote option)
Innovation Area: Storage, Transmission and Management
Position Type: Industry-supported
Compensation: $15,000 (Battery Engineer), $18,000 (Data Engineer)
Internship Term: 12 weeks

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Only three rechargeable battery chemistries have been commoditized in the past two centuries. Natron Energy has delivered the fourth. Natron’s products enable solutions for next-gen power services in multi-$Billion markets including data centers, EV fast charging, materials handling, and renewables support. Natron’s batteries offer breakthrough performance in three metrics critical to these markets: ultra high power capability including full discharge and recharge in minutes, an unmatched service life of tens of thousands of deep discharge cycles, and unique safety and fault tolerance including no thermal runaways. Natron’s batteries are based on a new sodium-ion chemistry that includes Prussian blue electrodes, and are fabricated in existing lithium-ion plants. Natron launched its first product for data center customers in Q4 2019, and is backed by seven leading venture and strategic investors and ARPA-E.

Natron is seeking summer interns for battery engineering projects. These projects will include materials synthesis and processing, fabrication of battery electrodes and cells, cell testing and modeling, design and prototyping of new cell designs, design and prototyping of packs/modules, and development of battery management system firmware and hardware. Interns will be selected for projects requiring skill sets matching their general backgrounds (chemistry/materials, mechanical engineering, electrochemistry, electrical engineering, etc.). Each summer intern will be paired with a staff engineer mentor who will guide the intern’s work over the course of the summer. That work will include contributions to ongoing engineering projects and may also include a capstone project assigned individually to the intern.

Natron is offering two positions:

Battery Engineering Intern


  • Work together with Natron’s scientists and engineers to execute project goals: synthesis of new materials, fabrication of battery components and cells, testing and modeling cell performance and lifetime, prototyping new cell designs, and/or designing/testing battery packs including management systems.
  • Research and understand the scientific or engineering background to the project and the state-of-the-art in the battery industry today.
  • Develop and master key experimental tools and methods such as physical characterization or battery test equipment, modeling software, prototyping equipment, or others as needed.
  • Plan and execute a self-contained design of experiments within the larger team projects and present project findings to the company and/or its board of directors.

Who Should Apply

Ideal candidates are creative, self-motivated problem solvers who have prior experience performing lab work in an engineering or physical science field, or a combination of extensive coursework in an engineering field and hands-on experience in a prototyping shop.

Required Expertise

  • Progress towards an advanced degree in a scientific or engineering field: materials science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or inorganic chemistry.
  • Prior relevant lab or shop experience.
  • Has a do-whatever-it-takes attitude, thrives in a fast-paced start up environment, and is capable of delivering project deliverables on time.

Preferred Skills/Majors

Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Applied Physics, Physics, Chemistry, or related fields.

Data Engineering Intern / Data Analysis Intern


  • ­ Work together with Natron’s Data Team to execute data analysis and data engineering project goals.
  • ­ Add new features to existing battery analysis tools in MATLAB and Python.
  • ­ Create new analysis tools to study key performance metrics.
  • ­ Expand capabilities of SQL database to track inventory, manufacturing parameters and product performance data.

Who Should Apply

Ideal candidates are creative, self-motivated problem solvers who have prior experience performing technical data analysis and programming analysis tools and visualizations.

Required Expertise

  • Prior academic experience developing data analysis and visualization tools.
  • ­ Proficient in python, with experience using packages including numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib.
  • ­ Proficient in MATLAB and SQL.
  • ­ Working knowledge of electrical circuits and/or energy storage devices such batteries is a plus.

Preferred Skills/Majors

Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or an Engineering major with significant prior coding experience