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Positions: Process Development Engineer
Location: Bay Area, CA
Innovation Area: 
Position Type: TomKat Center-supported
Compensation: $7500 
Internship Term: 8 weeks

Apply Here

Huminly evolves enzymes to recycle blended textile waste into virgin-grade polyester and regenerated cotton material for brand-new clothing. Our enzymatic recycling process requires only water, organic salts, and enzymes with minimal energy input, and can mitigate as much as 2.1 kg CO2 and 2100 gallons of water per kg blended textile waste. Our long-term vision is to develop enzymatic recycling of complex, mixed-material plastic waste to help mitigate the global impact of plastic pollution and develop a circular plastics industry.


We have demonstrated a proof-of-concept screening platform that enables rapid identification of improved plastic-degrading enzymes. You will lead scaling up of the platform and proving out enzyme candidates for our first enzymatic recycling process.

Who Should Apply

You are passionate about sustainability and believe developing clean materials is as important as clean energy for the economy of the 21st century. You are motivated by resourcefulness and are alarmed by how many natural resources we are burying in landfills. You are deeply concerned about the effect that plastic waste is having on the environment and see an urgent need for better plastic recycling technology. You are convinced that biotechnology will have a role in the future circular plastics industry and view Mother Nature as a role model for sustainable chemical manufacturing.

Required Expertise

Fast, independent learner with demonstrated track record of taking ownership of projects. Previous experience with molecular biology wet-lab techniques. Strong foundational understanding of microbial biology (protein expression, etc.); tools used to engineer strains (DNA cloning, etc); and enzyme biochemistry (reactions, kinetics, characterization, etc.).

Preferred Skills/Majors

Major in any biosciences-related field; theoretical & practical experience in polymer science