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Distribute Capital

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Positions: Business Development & Research Intern
Location: Remote
Innovation Area: Policy and Economics
Position Type: TomKat Center-supported
Compensation: $7500 
Internship Term: 8 weeks

Apply Here

Distribute Capital is a next-generation clean energy finance platform, dedicated to massively improving the supply of capital to climate-critical infrastructure buildout – and to democratizing finance while we’re at it.

We’re building the first-ever SEC-registered fund that can give everyday investors direct access to a high-quality portfolio of clean energy buildout. Our approach will unlock trillions of dollars of patient, low-cost climate capital – and give all investors a new, safer, higher-impact and market-resilient option, currently available only to the wealthiest few.

We are currently operating a privately-backed pre-launch fund, and preparing to acquire and manage our first generating assets. We’re looking for a summer intern to help with business development and developer outreach.


Every year, more novel clean energy technologies are ready for deployment, but there is no template for how to help them access the tens of millions of dollars they need to prove and scale their technology in the field. That’s a job for project finance – and that’s where Distribute Capital (and you) will come in.

You will help us research, sort, and approach clean energy developers – and hopefully begin the process of negotiating some project financing. More specifically, you will:

  • Work directly with the founders to identify project targets / parameters within different technology classes & geographies
  • Lead on developer research and outreach
  • Brief founders on recommended partners and support early financing negotiation
  • Help with ongoing developer relationships, including project monitoring / valuation

Who Should Apply

Any students interested in learning about clean energy deployment and investing from the ground up, and from every angle: the legal, financial, and technological.

Required Expertise

Finding, valuing, and financing clean energy assets requires a huge range of expertise, from techno-economic analysis, to parsing novel contracts and hacking through the ever-shifting web of interlocking policy supports (and barriers).

That means anyone with some experience (or just a powerful interest) in finance, in engineering or in law/policy will have a leg up – but most important is the ability to learn quickly and think rigorously across disciplines.

Preferred Skills/Majors

We’re looking for detail oriented generalists, who are comfortable learning on their feet and  eager to take on real responsibility.

Coursework in clean energy, climate science, engineering (electrical or energy resources engineering), energy policy, contract or corporate law, or finance (particularly project finance) would all be helpful.

All majors are welcome to apply (really – one of our founders was a Classics major undergrad).