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Cuberg Internship

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Positions: Research Associate
Location: Emeryville, CA
Innovation Area: Storage, Transmission and Management
Position Type: TomKat Center-supported
Compensation: $11,250 total. $7,500 paid directly by the TomKat Center and $3,750 paid by Cuberg.
Internship Term: 12 weeks

Cuberg is an energy startup company developing a next-generation battery technology based on a non-flammable liquid electrolyte formulation and a lithium metal anode. These cells deliver a step-change improvement in energy density and safety compared to the best lithium-ion batteries in the world today. The technology has already been demonstrated and validated in thousands of commercial-scale prototypes, and the products are undergoing manufacturing scale-up to supply early drone, electric plane, and air taxi customers.

Cuberg has secured over $8M in funding from private investments and grants, including from: Boeing HorizonX Ventures, the California Energy Commission, the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Army. The company spun out of the materials science department at Stanford in 2016 and was initially supported by the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy at Stanford. Cuberg graduated from the prestigious Cyclotron Road entrepreneurial fellowship program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2018. We have a close-knit team, an informal and collaborative working style, impactful technology, and exciting commercial progress. Join us as we take this to the next level!


Research Associate


  • Review and understand scientific literature on lithium metal technology
  • Prepare novel electrolyte formulations to enhance lithium metal cyclability
  • Fill, seal, form, and cycle R&D pouch cells for evaluation of new electrolytes
  • Perform a variety of electrochemical and physical characterization experiments
  • Present results to the team and suggest new pathways for development

Who Should Apply

We are looking for candidates who:

  • Have a passion for making an impact in the energy sector
  • Thrive in a dynamic startup environment and can adapt to changing needs
  • Think independently from first principles to solve difficult problems
  • Enjoy hands-on lab work and experimentation

Required Expertise

  • Working knowledge of battery fundamentals and operation
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail, documentation, and standard operating procedures
  • Has a do-whatever-it-takes attitude, thrives in a fast-paced startup environment, and is capable of delivering project deliverables on time

Preferred Skills/Majors

Skills: electrochemical characterization, basic wet lab skills

Majors: materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering, or other STEM majors