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AMPLY Power Internship

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Positions: Financial Analyst Internship
Location: Mountain View, CA
Innovation Area: Generation and Conversion
Position Type: Industry-supported
Compensation: TBD
Internship Term: TBD

Apply your knowledge of finance to real-world financial modeling, analysis, and strategic business planning with our experienced leadership team. AMPLY Power is dedicated to providing you with valuable learning and growth opportunities as you share your knowledge and ideas with the team.

This internship is based at our HQ office in Mountain View, CA


  • Financial modeling: being the person on the team others will ask for help (modeling, reports, forecasting)
  • Assist with fundraising preparation and grant administration
  • Research tariff structures relating to our customers and business model
  • Assist with special projects assigned by senior management


  • Master’s Degree required in Finance, Economics, Business or related major
  • Exceptional quantitative skills, financial modeling, and presentation preparation
  • Excel experience: modeling, reports, forecasting
  • Highly motivated with a desire to learn


  • Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with our experienced team of industry leaders
  • Hands-on application of finance and business principles in a fast-paced work environment
  • Gain an inside view of an early stage startup focused on furthering EV adoption


AMPLY is redefining the EV charging market for private and public fleets, including autonomous driving fleets, transit bus agencies, municipal and private fleets. We are building the next level of charging as a service, taking complete ownership and control of the charging infrastructure, the scheduling of the vehicles, the cloud platform and the utility meter – in order to provide the highest availability and resilience in the market. In this way, we will accelerate the adoption of electric powered fleets by optimizing the delivery of power and making refueling seamless and efficient.

In a high-powered application like vehicle fast charging, the difference between controlled, optimally balanced vs unrestrained EV charging could be 3x in cost from your local utility. Even more importantly, EV fleets, in particular when part of critical and close to real time business processes (for example in autonomous fleets) need to be scheduled for charging in specific time intervals. By taking control of the utility meter, optimizing EV charge rate and vehicle process flow, AMPLY provides the lowest cost of electric fueling possible in a given depot location or in-route stops.

Our approach is to offer charging as a service, which is unique in the industry. We offer our customers a per mile driven usage rate. AMPLY provides the bulk of the upfront capital expenditures associated with the charging platform.