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Distributed Production and Energy Generation

cropped photo Flickr by spinster cardigan

As part of its mandate to develop sustainable energy systems for the future, the TomKat Center actively works to help develop Stanford’s capability related to large scale penetration by sustainable energy systems. In 2015, we invited proposals for seed funding of research projects that support Distributed Production and Energy Generation. The intent of this call was to fund projects that, if successful, will equip investigators with the results needed to secure follow on funding and deploy sustainable energy technologies.

The TomKat Center awarded research grants to fund the following seed projects:

Awarded 2015


In 2010, 2011, and 2015, TomKat requested seed grant proposals on a specific topic. This approach broadens the potential impact of the work through cross-interaction with peers from other disciplines. The TomKat Center has funded research in the following themes: